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Feb 9 / Organic Oren

Contract Manufacturing – Cut and Sew

Cut and ready

Pacaya Organics can be your trusted Central American partner for premium cut and sew apparel. With excellent on time delivery and USA based production contacts, you’ll have clear communication and reliable partners.

Pacaya Organics has done contract manufacturing for premium USA based organic apparel companies and has capacity for your next cut and sew project. We have worked with organic cotton and operate under fair trade employment standards.

Pacaya Organics offers expertise and enjoys special relationships with Central American weavers to offer superior hand woven materials and finished goods. We facilitate the yarn process to insure the fabric colors meet product specification and all our products have an artisan appeal.

If you’re looking for a custom cut and sew apparel product to be produced in production runs of 1,000 – 5,000 units contact us today!